Code Of Conduct
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Code of Conduct

Desert Hawks are a group of individuals who enjoy the sport of Airsoft
both through freestyle play and through military simulation.
Desert Hawks is founded on Unity, Honor, Teamwork, Respect,
and Dedication. Each member of the Desert Hawks is fully
committed to the team, safety, and the sport of Airsoft. Every
Desert Hawks members understands that without this foundation,
victory and team continuity are difficult to obtain. Most mportantly
members of Desert Hawks are here to have fun and learn.

Desert Hawks is a non-profit organization of Airsoft players that
follow a pseudo Military organization, structure, and use real life
tactics to create a Military Simulation Role-playing experience.

Desert Hawks utilizes a fictional based enlisted rank structure in its
command chain, as it provides a way to maintain and facilitate a chain
of command and structure within Desert Hawks.  More information on
this can be found in the Ranks section.

Unity: Our motto, Ex Unitate Vires, means 'strength in unity'. Desert
Hawks team members are expected to be team players on the field and
are encouraged to do so off the field.  This can further be expounded to
presenting a unified online prescene with only the current Officer with the
positions of Squad Leader issuing public statements that encompass the
team as a whole. Only by banding together sharing each others
strengths do we gain a significant advantage over he other teams on the

Honor: Every member of the Desert Hawks will conduct themselves
with honor and integrity. Desert Hawks members will not cheat by
any means. Call your hits. Reports of excessive or blatant cheating
will be addressed internally and may result in demotion, suspension,
or dismissal from the Desert Hawks.

Dedication: Every member of the Desert Hawks gives 110% of
themselves 110% of the time to the team and to the sport of
Airsoft. New members are invited to the team if they exhibit this
quality consistently and members are expected to attend
meetings and events regularly after an invite.

Respect: Every member of the Desert Hawks will treat others the way
they themselves wish to be treated. Respect the AO and those in it, to
include not harming the local wildlife or littering. Respect the rules of
the home field and never use profanity in anger. Physical violence of
any kind will not be tolerated. Teach and educate the new players,
remember you were once new to this game as well..

Safety: Every Desert Hawks team member's primary priority is safety.
Desert Hawks strives for a zero injury event every time. Desert Hawks
members will always wear proper eye protection when in the AO. We at
Desert Hawks will follow the safety rules set forth by Tucson Airsoft
Coalition at our own events and will defer to the rules on any
organization we attend events at the invitation of. This will include
their FPS regulations as well as their saftey rules. Every Desert Hawks
member will treat his/her Airsoft weapon as if it were a real firearm. 
Additionally underage drinking or drug use, of any kind, is strictly


We at Desert Hawks expect a lot from our members.

Follow the Desert Hawks regulations and Code of Conduct.

Follow and know the rules and regulations of any event we host and/or attend.

Be a positive at all times, remember we are an example.

Be a professional example to the other members of the team.

Communicate your thoughts. We value the strengths and experience of
each team member. Please take the opportunity to share with the team
your training and ideas. We become stronger and more cohesive as we
learn from one another.

Educate those around you and the general public. A positive public
opinion of Airsoft is required for us to continue to play the game we
love so much.

Respect EVERYONE around you, there is no room for personal issues
going onto the field with us.

Enjoy the camaraderie of your own team and those you play with and
also enjoy the sport, and the outdoors.

Lastly, have fun. Afterall, we are a bunch of grown adults shooting
each other with bb guns.

This code of conduct is adapted from
AMSOG's code of conduct,
reproduced with consent by