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The Desert Hawks in coordination with CCAB are proud to present:


When it begins... Who will you side with?

700 W Singing Wind Rd, Benson, AZ 85602
Directions are HERE

Saturday, February 11th
0500 Arrive and preparation
0600 Registration & Chrono*
0700 Pregame Brief
0730 Game Start

*You must chrono on time, if your late you will not be allowed to play until staff can chrono check you, make plans to be on time or early.

The year is 2025...  San Francisco lays in waste...  The UN has all but fallen...  China has bankrupt dozens of world powers...  Nations turn on one another and civilization grinds to a halt...  This is the dawn of a modern dark age...

The United Nations Response Forces are the military arm of the flagging UN.  Will you join them in bringing peace and propersity back to the world?

Red Fall started as a Veteran outreach program but became so much more.  Will you join them in bringing stability back to an unstable time?

Everyone remembers the explosion. The Apple and Google Joint Tech Conference in Silicon Valley on the week of the 75th anniversary celebration for the United Nations Conference on International Organization. The explosion occurring south of San Francisco destroying over a 100 square miles killing millions including those at the Conferences. In a moment the world’s greatest technological minds and the center stone for world peace wiped from the planet. The Chinese fearing the attack was against them back-away from world politics tanking the Yuan and the world markets with it. Everyone and every nation turning against each other; the dawn of a modern Dark Age.

It was only natural for groups like ‘Red Fall’ to rise from these events. Originally a world-wide military veteran support group indiscriminate of nationality; soldiers who had once taken arms against each other joined together on common ground. Funded primarily by private donors their outreach programs within 4 years had exceeded those of both the VA and the Red Cross combined helping veterans on a global scale like never before. Initially only military veterans of any nation were allowed, but as Vincent said “The world has become a battleground and we all need each other.” So it is that Red Fall has begun to take in all those who stand for what is right to help the cause and those in need.

Stand with us so that we may stand together and stop the world from falling into the hands of the elitist that once ruled and with it destroyed. No more should any of us be brought down by the injustice of false security; the invisible chains of dissident. We are the people of the world and it belongs to us not to those who distort democracy. With everyone together we will make them listen; we will make them change. Join us or stand aside but make no mistake the people are calling for change, and they will have it; one way or another.

Uniform requirements:
Woodland, Green MARPAT, Tiger Stripe, ATACS-FG, or OD

Join the Red Fall

Change the world.

We all know the tragic story...  The explosion near San Francisco. The loss of over a 1 million people including those of the United Nations General Assembly who were in attendance of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations at San Francisco UN Plaza. When the Republic of China backed away from the world scene blocking them-selves off from the rest of world they inadvertently caused worldwide economic crises. With tensions high and no one sure what caused the explosion militaries around the world began a global cold war.

Now 5 years later the world is rebuilding itself, stronger than ever.  Governments across the globe continue to strengthen and the world economy slowly rises up from the World Depression. Brought back from the brink of WWIII even the Republic of China and The Russia Federation are in talks to join the re-established United Nations. With the newly ratified United Nations Charter open communication and transparency between everyone is at the forefront. Never again will the world be a planet of nations working against one another; instead they will work together like never before; independent, but unified.

As part of the Chapter V.2 The United Nations Response Force (UNRF) is gearing up to take on an expanded role for more direct action in times of need. Member States of the United Nations have agreed to bring in UNRF Generals to their respective security councils and Joint Chiefs of Staff in an advisory capacity. Right now a permanent global fully equipped Land, Air, and Sea military and peacekeeping force is being assembled. This military formation will consist of members from every nation on earth, and when needed they will be backed further by individual counties as well with the interest of the world at heart. The United Nations Response Force is looking for the best of the best they are looking for you!


Uniform requirements:
MultiCam, Desert MARPAT, ACU, ATACS-Arid, or solid tan

Apply today for UNRF

For everyone’s tomorrow.

United Nations Response Forces
--Camo requirements: MultiCam, Desert MARPAT, ACU, ATACS-Arid, or solid tan

Red Fall
--Camo requirements: Woodland, Woodland MARPAT, Tiger Stripe, ATACS-Forest, or solid olive drab

-Mid-caps or real-cap only game. The only exception is with the use of a real world support weapon, which may use a drum/box type magazine.
-18+ game (Game host reserves right to waive select minors participating as a team with an adult sponsor).  Contact game staff for more information.
-The AO requires Biodegradeable bbs (agreement with the land owner) to play there. Bring your bag UNOPENED with you when you chrono.
-Additional rules which do not supersede the above can be found HERE .

To make things run smoother:

As soon as you arrive, bring all your mags, unopened bio bbs, and gun to the chrono station. Have your mags bottom up (chrono jocky needs to see that your mags have no wheels), show him your unopened bag, then give him your empty mag and chrono. This whole process should only take a minute or two.

-We lose our permission to play on this AO if we do not use Bio BB's, anyone who thinks they can slink by with regular BBs will be told to go home.
-Anyone who uses a highcap in a regular gun will be told to go home.
-If you BS and miss chrono time, sucks for you, you will not be allowed to play until staff has time to check straggelers into the event.  It's your responsibility to make sure you get everything required before the briefing.  If you are caught without a ziptie on your gun, you will be told to go home.

Anyone who refuses to go home after breaking a rule will cause an immediate cease fire for the game, and you can go around telling everyone why the game had to stop.

How to RSVP for 'Prologue':
We ask that anyone who wishes to attend, please sign up using the RSVP form. This helps us know what to plan for and makes reaching out to particular participants groups much easier. Once you have decided on what faction you will be participating as please use our RSVP form found HERE .

While exact sign ups will be kept under wraps, we will try to keep those interested in total turn out informed with a general idea of sign ups. Additionally, we reserve the right to close the use of some of the factions in order to maintain balance. See you out there!

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