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The Desert Hawks and AEX are proud to present:


Outskirts Of Grozny 3

Now that winter has set in, Russian forces have become restless inside their defensive posts near the city of Grozny. Luckily recent interrogations of a Chechen Rebel defector have provided the Russians with a chance to strike the rebels where it will hurt the most, their beliefs. The Mufti Mullah Raza Khan Sasid of Grozny has long been a spiritual interpreter of Islamic law for many of the Chechen Rebels fighting against the oppressive Russians. He is heavily guarded day and night by the militia and moved frequently between safe houses and other remote locations as to insure his security. The Chechen Rebel defector has given the location of one such safe haven to the Russians.

Eager to capture such a prominent religious figure the Russians immediately sent out Chechnya allies the Vostok to scout the location and await Mullah Sasid's arrival. A full battalion of Russian Army and VDV sit at the ready in a nearby Russian base awaiting Sasid's arrival so that they might surround and capture him. The Russians are unaware of the fact that the Chechen Rebels have increased protection around all leaders in their militia due to increased fears of intelligence leaks. Both sides face a much harder fight then they realize.

Santa Rita Battlegrounds
Directions are HERE

Saturday, January 22nd
0500 Arrive and preparation
0600 Registration & Chrono*
0700 Pregame Brief
0730 Game Start

*You must chrono on time, if your late you will not be allowed to play, make plans to be on time or early.

Chechen Rebels
--Camo requirements: US Woodland

Russians MVD/VDV
--Camo requirements: ANY GREEN camo OTHER than woodland and a white arm band. You will use a white armband to identify friend/foe.

Chechen Vostok (Limited Slots)
--Camo requirements: Multicam (Limited to 10 Slots)

-Mid-caps or real-cap only game. The only exception is with the use of a real world support weapon, which may use a drum/box type magazine.
-18+ game (Game host reserves right to waive select minors participating as a team with an adult sponsor).  Contact game staff for more information.
-The AO requires Biodegradeable bbs (agreement with the forest service) to play there. Bring your bag UNOPENED with you when you chrono.
-Additional rules which do not supersede the above can be found HERE .

To make things run smoother:

As soon as you arrive, bring all your mags, unopened bio bbs, and gun to the chrono station. Have your mags bottom up (chrono jocky needs to see that your mags have no wheels), show him your unopened bag, then give him your empty mag and chrono. This whole process should only take a minute or two.

-We lose our permit to play on this AO if we do not use Bio BB's, anyone who thinks they can slink by with regular BBs will be told to go home.
-Anyone who uses a highcap in a regular gun will be told to go home.
-If you BS and miss chrono time, sucks for you, you will not be allowed to play until staff has time to check straggelers into the event.  It's your responsibility to make sure you get everything required before the briefing.  If you are caught without a ziptie on your gun, you will be told to go home.

Anyone who refuses to go home after breaking a rule will cause an immediate cease fire for the game, and you can go around telling everyone why the game had to stop.

Raffle from AEX will be held after the game. All participants will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win some AEX swag.

How to RSVP for 'The Outskirts of Grozny 3':
We ask that anyone who wishes to attend, please sign up using the RSVP form. This helps us know what to plan for and makes reaching out to particular participants groups much easier. Once you have decided on what faction you will be participating as please use our RSVP form found HERE .

Once Vostok have been filled, they will be removed from the sign up sheet and will no longer be available. If you sign up as Vostok and cannot attend please let staff know so we can reopen available slots.

While exact sign ups will be kept under wraps, we will try to keep those interested in total turn out informed with a general idea of sign ups. Additionally, we reserve the right to close the use of some of the factions in order to maintain balance. See you out there!

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