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The Desert Hawks and AEX are pleased to bring you:

OP: The Hills Have Eyes

Along the southern slopes of the Hindu Kush mountain range lays Khyber Pass the main trading route between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Ultimately it is the main route for supplies to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and the main source of income from arms dealing and opium trade for groups such as the Sleepy Mans militia known as PEDAR. This mountain side pass has seen more war and death than any other single location on the face of the planet; its blood soaked routs can be dated back before the march of the Armies of Alexander the Great. The hills are riddled with the ruined forts of the armies of the past no one nation every truly able to control the region. Its passes have been guarded for generations now by the Pathans, rather fierce Pushtu-speaking hill tribes. Even the Pakistani government that lays claims to most of this region only partially controls the area thru complex games of bribery, threat and divide-and-rule with those chiefs to maintain its nominal authority. The Taliban themselves can find their roots amongst these people and their tribes are fierce supporters of the Jihad against the western world. It is these traitorous mountain hills and tribes that are believed to hide Osama Bin Laden and the majority of the commanders of his armies. Both sides of this pass are guarded by the armies of the respective countries that hold their openings Pakistan to the easy and the armies of the Afghanistan nation to the west with the American square in the middle of it all.

It is here that members of the Army’s 10th Mountain Division out of Fort Drum, New York have tracked down Mullah Habib Rahman Aziz. Believed to have been handpicked by Osama Bin Laden himself; his men are amongst the best trained and feared of the Taliban Regime. It is believed that this man alone is the eyes, ears, and representative to PEDAR in Afghanistan. His forces have claimed to have suffered virtually no losses in their war against what they call the “American-orchestrated regime”. His winter camp has been located near one of the ruined British fort left over from the Third Afghan War of 1919 known as SASCO. It is of the highest importance that he be removed from power before the melting of the winter snows bringing the spring and a re-insurgence of attacks on American lead forces. This is of the highest importance for both the war against Al-Qaeda and stopping funding for PEDAR forces.

Directions: ARE HERE

Saturday, May 30th
0600 Arrive and preparation
0700 Registration & Chrono*
0800 Pregame Brief
0830 Game Start

*You must chrono on time, if your late you will not be allowed to play, make plans to be on time or early.

FACTIONS (Please note uniform requirements will be strictly enforced, everyone should be able to make at least one of the below impressions)

Taliban Lead Forces
Taliban: US Woodland or US Tiger Stripe
Pathans Tribesman: Denim\OD\Black bottoms, Civilian top or tunic, a Shemagh is highly recommended [NO Camoflauge]

American Lead Forces
Afghanistan Army: US 3 color DCU, US 6 color DCU, or solid tan top and bottoms
10th Mountain Division US Army: Full ACU Uniform or Full Multi-Cam Uniform

Special Rules and Considerations:
*FPS and field rules will be the same as those used by the Tucson Airsoft Coalition. Those rules can be found HERE.

*Chronograph checks must be done, please show up on time. If you are late you will not be allowed to play until staff is available to chronograph your weapon.

*Please bring a red death rag as well as a white death rag that is large enough to tie around your arm, respawn rules will require the use of both.

*Uniform requirements listed above are to be enforced. If you have friends you wish to play with ensure your entire group can field the uniform choice, there will be no exceptions.

*Team Structure: All players will be divided up into small teams of between 4 and 10 players. If you have a group you already play with then please be sure to arrive at similar times and we will do our best to make sure you get paired up with friends.

How to RSVP for 'The Hills Have Eyes':
We ask that anyone who wishes to attend, please sign up using the RSVP form. This helps us know what to plan for and makes reaching out to particular participants groups much easier. Once you have decided on what faction you will be participating as please use our RSVP form found HERE.

While exact sign ups will be kept under wraps, we will try to keep those interested in total turn out informed with a general idea of sign ups. Additionally, we reserve the right to close the use of some of the factions in order to maintain balance. See you out there!
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