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OP: Prelude To War

C.I.A. Brief

Welcome gentlemen, this ones going to be a little tricky this time around. The good news is the weather has been good enough we have been able to get some UAV into the area for some close up intel of the operation site. The problem will be the only way into location is through some of the most highly populated areas of UXO left over from the Vietnam war. Over the last 20 year the rains have washed all of the UXO into the local river bed that’s usually dry during this time of year. The locals re-mark paths through the river beds every year after the rainy season with signs we wont have time to try to push out our own path through these area so we will have to use the already designated area to cross over into the area of the enemy encampment.

We'll be setting up our forward operating location about 500 feet short of the crossings from here we will head directly north to the area our UAV have picked up movement from PD personnel, the area is marked on the map.

From here we will have five major objectives with different goals to achieve victory at each one. The major objective here will be to retrieve the nuclear devices and bring them out of the area into a secure location and find any and all information on the man known as the "The sleepy Man". If at all possible, assuming that we find the sleepy man, we are to bring him in alive for interrogation. It is believed the nuclear devices will not be held within the encampment directly but stowed discreetly in the local area. Any information that can be retrieved from the men at the site or from the main base will be of the utmost importance. Our secondary objective will be the remove this encampment from the face of the earth to discourage further activity in the area.

The main encampment appears to have four major locations we will need to strike before leaving the area.

Full Map HERE

Main Building(final primary objective) – This strike is suggested as a last target objective in order to cripple there other resources first incase we are required to leave in a hurry they will not be likely to rebuild the rest. Within the main encampment first we will need to retrieve any intel from the site, if possible, then destroy the building its self. Once the intelligence has been retrieved from the encampment bring it to our Foward base where it should take approximately 30 to 40 minutes to decode the information. The big dogs at Langley don't want us to leave the area until after the intel has been decoded in order to make sure we wont be leaving any loose end around, so holding the site secure will be a top priority. The other three sites can be taken in any order according to what seems the best way once we are in the field.

Water supply - We have been sent with three vials of a chemical that will make the local water supply almost useless. Once the water supply site has been captured we simply drop the contents of the vial into the water supply. Since we have a limited supply of this chemical we only have 3 chances to make it to the well and drop in the chemicals.

Radio Tower - The radio tower is atop the hill near the main base you will simply need to the cut the power supply to the radio and destroy the radio box located near the tower to remove there ability to reach outside assistance.

Power supply - The power supply is the farthest objective to destroy. It is located north of the base here you will need to cut the power line to the rest of the facility. Once this is done use the electrical connector to send a short circuit down the line that will burn out the rest of the wiring from the power station to the main facility to ensure they cannot simply reconnect a power generation facility. Once this reverse wiring has been connected it should take approximately 20 minutes for the load to completely burn out the wiring so holding that facility and preventing enemy personnel from fixing the issue will be priority once began.

In Summary -
Main Base - Retrieve the locked case from the building near the brick house and bring it to your base
Water Supply - Place the water dye into the Jug of water located in the well
Power supply - cut the electrical cord then attach the Box to the wires for 20 minutes
Radio - Destroy the control box located near the radio
Intelligence - every enemy combatant has one envelope on there person, if you can make them surrender they will give you their Intel aka the envelope

Game Mechanics: C.I.A. Medic and respawn rules
The C.I.A. will be assigned three personnel at the start of the game who will be designated MEDICs they will be able to create CCPs (casualty collection points) anywhere on the field where personnel maybe resurrected at. if there are no enemy within 100 feet radius of the CCP you are automatically resurrected if it contested you will move 150 to 200 feet DIRECTLY south of the CCP and wait 5 minutes staying in the same location then you will be resurrected. at any time personel may also be resurrected by returning to the main base. if the CCP point is over ran they may head to the CCP created by the second or third medic. If all medics are dead and no CCPs are left the medics must return to the Main base to resurrect before creating another CCP.

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