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OP: Prelude To War

Populus Econtra Dominatus Absconditus Rector


This is what the locals called the dry season for Laos and it was always muggy and hot. In stark contrast to the much of the rest of the northern hemisphere from November to April it was the dry season. It was during these few critical months that the people of PEDAR had to finish the rest of the encampment before the rains started bring back up the remainder of the UXO’s and the river to the south was nearly impossible to cross. In the beginning of there construction they had lost over 26 people trying to cross the river who where struck by the explosives left from Air America campaigns. When the river finally dried up mid December they lost 2 more men and countless others injured trying to find safe passages through the river bed. With only one medic on site it was amazing they had not lost more. With any luck the encampment would be completed by the end of March and they would not need such frequent expeditions to the local towns.

The man behind the encampment, the leader of these people who had brought them together for a single minded goal had hardly been able to leave the main base since its initial constructions began. Especially not after launching his letter of intent to the world he knew it would not be long before the fools sitting there desk at Langley would begin their search. He needed to complete the base before any one got word that construction this far into the hills of Laos got out. Laos was a secluded, third world, and dangerous country it was for these reason that he had chosen here to make his base in hopes that he would not be found to quickly. Yet sooner or later he knew they would find him these people that he wished to remove from this world had there hand in every thing and every where, it was only a matter of time...

All that aside any man with some sort of intelligence would be anxious to tie up all loose ends with two nuclear devices sitting within his encampment. Someone would come for those, and soon.

The nukes had cost a small fortune and for good reason, in fact they had cost him the better half of his fortune to get. Yet they where a necessary tool without which he would have no feet to stand on in the coming war. All the soldiers in the world would not do any one in today’s wars any good without the threat of nuclear firepower behind them. He and his following did not have the luxury of an Air Force and the nukes would work as some sort of bargaining chip as long as they believed he actually held them in his possession. He had no real want to use them it was more of a show of force but if he had to use them he would and anything else he had to do, to make sure those unseen hands would not get their victory. None the less timing was every thing in war as well as politics the both of which the world had so misconstrued, you could no longer tell one from the other.

When he looked up and saw Dankavitch walking through the door he knew from the look on his face the news he brought was not going to be good. “Sir I think there is an issue the locals say there have been allot of unusual questions being asked by new comers into the village down south. Allot of questions concerning what’s going on up this way”

“What’s different about these then any other question Dankavitch? The locals are always asking questions.” This had begun to be a regular routine with him weekly warning of new threats from locals rumors. Constantly stating his request for increased defenses but the loss of man power could just not be had. The base needed to be complete before his operations began.

Dankavitch ground his teeth prepared to give the same speech he had given for the last three weeks sinse the completion of the radar towers. “Well nothing direct sir but they continue in number to grow over the last few weeks I just think it would be wise to do something. At least set watches on the southern border. The Radar is set up so anything short of Helos won’t make it in here without detection and even then the only landing zone for helicopters is far south of here. Any thing else would create an international incident or would be easy to shoot down. I just think it time for some more precautions.” After all it was his resistance he was trying to save.

He was exhausted with arguing with the man he decided to give him his wish. After all the base construction was way ahead of schedule and it never hurt to be over prepared. “Very well then start a 24 hour guard at the three crossing near the river. If the threat is any thing we don’t know about before hand they won’t have the time to create there own crossings through the river they will use ours. And if they are coming all this way just for us they will know that at a minimum.” Hopefully this would get him off his back
Dankavitch began to leave the room then suddenly stopped and stared at the two atomic bombs in the shaped of common Brief cases in the corner of the room. “What about the Nukes sir…”

He had almost forgotten about the nukes until that moment. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to take them from this site. “Ah yes the nukes of course.” He stood up and walked to the map hanging on the wall. “Here is what I want you to do with them…”

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In Summary :
Protect the southern borders from enemy intrusion. If the area is breached coordinate defense of all 4 major infrastructure sites until reinforcements arrive.

Game Mechanics: Populous Dominatus Medic and respawn rules
The PEDAR will be assigned one person at the start of the game who will be a designated MEDIC they will be able to create a CCP (casualty collection points) anywhere on the field where personnel maybe resurrected at. If there are no enemy within 100 feet radius of the CCP you are automatically resurrected if it contested you will move 150 to 200 feet DIRECTLY north of the CCP and wait 5 minutes staying in the same location then you will be resurrected. At any time personnel may also be resurrected by returning to any of the four main locations. If the CCP point is over ran or the medic is killed they may head to one of the 4 main locations. If at any point any of the locations are destroyed players will no longer be able to resurrected at the location (except for the main base, destroyed or not its always a respawn point). If a location is being disputed (i.e. enemy within 100 foot radius) players must move 150-200 feet north of the location and wait 5 minutes to respawn or find another infrastructure point to respawn from. The medic may only respawn from one of the infrastructure locations.

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