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OP: Prelude To War 


The Desert Hawks and AEX are pleased to bring you 'OP: Prelude to War' 


Santa Rita Battlegrounds

Saturday, February  23rd
0700 Show
0800 Pregame Brief
0830 Game Start

In the late 1990’s there where 7 briefcase sized nuclear weapons stolen from a Russian weapons stash. These nuclear weapons had not the devastating explosive capabilities of a normal nuke. However, each held the potential radiation fall out 10 times over that of the Hiroshima nuke.

Most of them have yet to be found to this very day….


February 21st, 2008

There was nothing more in the room then two tables and 16 chairs. One
large enough to hold the 15 members of the senator select committee on intelligence on one side all sitting patiently with there note pad and pencils table half circling the other. All of them eager for the director of the central intelligence agency Gen. Michael V. Hayden, who sat on the opposite side of the room at his own table surrounded by mounds of files detailing every thing from funding issues to current operations listings. The room was actually a room within a room raised off the floor and surrounded by material and electronics meant to keep unwanted ears out of the conversation. Once a week these men would get together here and for hours go every thing the senators felt necessary to discus and when willing what the general knew he could no longer keep to him self. Any and every minute he could hold something from these people might just make the difference in hundreds if not thousands of lives. Most men who came to this room cared little about the lives of others outside of their own political gain and a mere slip of the tongue was never an issue until it reached the press in a bad light for themselves.

The chairman, John D. Rockefeller IV, almost always started any round of question usually to the dismay of Gen Hayden. “Any word on this so called ‘sleepy man’ of yours?”. The senator casually rolled his eyes knowing full well this was going to lead where it always did, nowhere. “I do hope you have at least a name for this figure finally general?”

Searching through his stacks of papers Gen. Hayden had been hoping they would not bring this up again. No other subject short of conversation of WMD in Iraq brought him such headache. The General had lost more then a few good men at his first encounter with 'the sleepy man' and his associates. A series of bad Intel reports failed to divulge that not only were ‘the sleepy mans’ men onsite of an archeological dig but also a security team that ended up being that of a branch of modern day SS secret society members. The ensuing fight between the SS, ‘the sleepy mans’ men and the US CIA forces left many dead or wounded and ultimately his team had to call in for an entire squadron of Marine helicopter HH-53s with Raven teams out Djibouti to clean up the mess. But as always he smiled and pressed on. “Actually senator I am glad you brought that up in the last couple of weeks we have had a few decent breaks.”

Rockefeller quickly cut him off from his speaking he took joy in making the good general look a fool. “The last few WEEKS, only decent? General you have had a task force after this one man for over 6 months now! Christ at least with Osama Bin Laden you pretended to kill him by this time…” The rest of the committee lightly chuckled; most of the senators on the board didn’t really like Rockefeller and most where aiming for his job, but all where scared of him. “I would hope so after 6 months of searching the globe or is that just too much to ask? I mean honestly ‘sleepy man’ who the hell comes up with these names for your terrorists”

Resisting the urge to grind his teeth the general pressed on as if never had heard to snide comments from the board. He quickly began reading a summary of a report form one of his many files “A EC-130H On a mission back from the Middle East, heading home, was directed to fly over the ‘Golden Triangle’ and head into the lower part of Southern China….”

Chuck Hagel the senator from Nebraska spoke up, a rare but usually pleasant thing for the director of the C.I.A. “The same EC-130 that was used in aiding in hiding the arrival of the black ops team for the operation into china over the holidays?”

The general had not thought any one would ever bring up this point, for it was the committees decision to enter those dangerous waters and they rarely like bringing up failed operations for which they where to blame. The end results of Operation Turkey Day had been catastrophic, the marines had lost the best black ops unit in the pacific and China lost a small portion of land to nuclear disaster for the years to come. The committee was just lucky the Chinese played of the whole incident as a nuclear test gone wrong. “Actually, yes senator, one and the same, by a fluke of coincidence the EC-130s receivers picked up the tail end of a phone conversation about the sale of the missing Russian built 'portable' nuclear devices. Thanks to a our national voice pattern recognition system, one of the two individuals voice patterns was analyzed and matched that of the voice recorded 9 months earlier. Our voice analysts are fairly certain it’s the same man dubbed ’the sleepy man’ from The Hawks nest incident 6 months prior. They cannot be 100% positive due to the fact he was slurring his words.”

“Slurring his words?” ask Dianne Feinstein of California one of only three women to be on the committee.

“Yes senator Feinstein hence the name, he was half asleep for the only phone conversation we have been able to get from him” replied the general.

“Yet where does that put us as far as finding him do we know who he is?” Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah was the oldest looking gentlemen on the board but certainly one of smartest to sit the chair.

“No sir, we still don’t know who he is, but, I do believe this puts us one step closer to finding him” Hayden was now getting irritated if these men would just stop talking and listen to every thing he had to say he would certainly answer all there questions before they ask them.

Once again chairmen Rockefeller IV chimed in “Why because you know he’s in the south east Asia sitting on top of nuclear arms for which you have still yet to produce even the slightest hope of finding?” over the last few years Rockefeller had become less and less convinced that the CIA was even worth the hassle they brought. It seemed like all they ever did was screw up and chases false stories around “I believe you would have hard time finding Michael Jackson at the play pin in McDonalds, let alone a man on his own in south East Asia.” Roars form the rest of the committee started; the republican yelling at the democrats this close to elections both sides had a hard time agreeing on even the simplest things. Something like this was a time bomb waiting to happen.
All General Hayden could do was wait it out for them to stop arguing about the usefulness of the single greatest tool the US government had in the war on terrorists.

When they all stopped he continued on “The reason this is such an important break for us is there have been some strange reports coming from UNDP ‘United Nations Development Programme’ special UXO task force out of the Lao People's Democratic Republic about European males entering villages along the Annamite Range in the northern district of Bolikhamxai hiring men to do work in the mountain range only about 300 miles south east of the golden triangle”

“A seemingly frivolous report don’t you think general I mean how or why would you assume to connect these two incidents” asked the Senator Christopher S. Bond from Missouri the only man who didn’t look like he had just left a cat flight.

“Well to be honest with you senator if it had not been for the location in which they where taking the men I would have written it off as drug traffickers my self.” The general quickly pulled out some maps from his folder on the report and handed them over to the table to be passed around “The portion of the mountain rang for which they where heading is known to the locals as deaths trail. A section of rolling hills where the UXO counts have been higher then any other portion of Lao PDR. The only safe passages through some of the open fields in the mountain have been traced out by the locals. they use trails that have been marked by lines of ropes following the paths to designate where safe passages though particularly dangerous areas. Hell, even the locals stay out of the area unless there has been bad drought and they have to go further into the hills to hunt. There is no real reason for any drug cartel to hid them selves in the mountains like that in Lao PDR senator.”

“So what are you trying to tell us is going on up there Genera?l” asked senator Ron Wyden.

General Hayden took a deep breath he was sure this was going to light a fire up their asses “What I believe senators is after having heard the reports from the questioning of the mercenaries from The Hawks Nest is that its possible it is the remainder of those mercenaries known now to be called Populus Econtra Dominatus Absconditus Rector or Latin for ‘people against the control of hidden leaders’ or Econtra Dominatus for short. These same mercenaries that have been working for ‘the sleepy man’ building some kind of base of operations.” Now he waited they had all heard the news or possibly even seen the chain letter by now. It had circled the globe faster then any other chain-letter virus in the world and had many people asking questions.

“You mean to tell me those bastards that sent that e-mail are the same sick SOB the sleepy man was using at the hawks nest, and they may actually have nuclear capability's!?” asked a stunned Senator Rockefeller “How the hell did we not know this before now?”

“Quite honestly senator you never asked” General Hayden was tired of playing this game and had better things to do with his time. “Things have already been set into motion I have a team making their way to the mountains of Laos as we speak following some of the older trails from the back side of the mountains that the locals marked out for safe passage. We should know what’s in those mountain by the end of the week, now if you will excuse me I have am a full plate for the day” without waiting to be released the General stood up and walked out the door. Behind him he heard the yelling of the committee wanting to know more and demanding so. But General Hayden would not be swayed he dared not give the details until the operation was complete he would lose no more men to loose tongues….



The following is a copy of a letter circling the globe attached to a chain-mail virus
People of the world,
Napoleon once compared life to chess in that “we are all pawns or kings, or emperors and fools”. Yet the cold hard fact of the matter is the kings or the presidents or whatever it is your country calls it leaders they are no less fools then the pawns themselves. It is that unseen hand which moves those pieces across the board which is the world, those hands that care not for which pieces they lose as long as they win. The pieces on the board never truly know who or what controls there actions, merely concerned with the measly few moves into other squares ahead and where they will lead. It is to this hand which we wish to address now, for remember chess is a civilized mans game, for which we are surly not.

You think you know what war is? You think because every day you sit on your lines with your guns, your tanks, and hell, even your planes you know what war is? You think because you send your armies around the globe into third world shit-holes and devastate one mans resistance you know war? Removing my hand from grasping those long lost treasures within ‘The Nest’ was no more then an irritation. Now it is your unseen hand which we wish to strike. You think you know war yet you don’t, but you will…

Yours truly,
Populus Econtra Dominatus Absconditus Rector


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