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 Post subject: Desert Hawks FAQ
PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 2:28 pm 
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Desert Hawks FAQ

Here is a short list of frequently asked questions and popular topics for ease of reference. If you have a question or comment please feel free to drop it in the general discussion sub forum. For a more complete overlook of the team please visit the articles on the front page located at:

What is the minimum age to join the Desert Hawks?
At this time there is no minimum age to join the Desert Hawks. However, there are some general guidelines that preclude many minors. Number one among them is that in AZ you have to be at least 14 to wield a airsoft weapon. That said Desert Hawks will not accept applications from anyone under the age of 14. Additionally, the primary factor in being considered for admission to the team is ability and willingness to participate on a frequent basis. This generally means getting out to events almost every weekend which will require driving, its for that reason that anyone under the age of 16 will have to participate regularly, as a guest, for several additional weeks, on top of the standard probationary period, before consideration of admission is made within the team

Where do you guys play?
Since the Desert Hawks team is primarily located in the Tucson area most of the events we attend are organized through TAC and take place near the Tucson area. We do make an effort to attend other regional events that include Phoenix and Flagstaff area events when resources permit. We also attend many national events in California and other nearby venues. For members located outside the Tucson metro area this means a large amount of regular travel to participate.

Who runs the Desert Hawks?
The Desert Hawks is ran by the current members, both new and old. This means that all large changes and team member admissions are done by vote from the current membership. Primary bulk of communication, training, in field command and website work is done through the team officers. The current team officers include Kiley Hyatt (kileyhaz), Brian Miner (Bio) and Eli Murray (cipherblue). For more information on officer or enlistment status please visit the Rank Info link on the front page.

If I have the gear and the time what position am I?
To be clear Desert Hawks is not a group of ad-hoc players, we are a team composed of select players from several player organizations including TAC and AA. If you meet the gear requirements and time requirements you are not automatically selected for joining even if we are looking to recruit. To join you must be extended a formal invitation to join us by the team. The decision to extend an invitation is done by the team, in private, after we have met you and played in the same events as you have over a substantial period of time. Your best bet to be extended an invitation is to let us know your interested then mingle with us at an event we attend. If we consistently see you at events and we are a mutual good fit an invitation may be extended.

What is the process to be extended an invite?
As outlined in the above FAQ sections being extended an invitation is a process that takes some time. This time usually measures a matter of months, though we have had some recruits take over a year to be extended an invitation. The process begins with meeting team members and expressing an interest. Once an interest is expressed and the potential recruit has signed up at our website we start looking at character and attendance. This observance takes place over the probation period. Towards the end of the probation period we also begin to look at gear. At the end of the probation period we hold a team vote. If the team is amenable to the recruit joining, they have met attendance, character, and gear criteria, we interview them one last time and offer an invite.

Can we come play/meet the Desert Hawks at any game?
The Desert Hawks are not an airsoft event venue in and of itself, we primarily play at TAC functions in the Pima county area and at AirsoftArizona functions in the Maricopa county area. To come participate with us you must first be sure you meet the criteria to participate in those organizations events. This is primarily an issue for minors as AirsoftArizona precludes minors from playing without a parent or sponsor participating alongside these youths. TAC has similar rules as well that include mentorship and a signed liability waiver. For additional questions about these and other requirements please visit either TAC or AirsoftArizona.



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